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911 WTC plane flight 175 disappears into building ( South tower)

South Tower WTC swallowing flight 175, no desert.

Holograms, scalar technology? To me this is a stretch of the imagination, but given our current technology
( much of which we dont know about in the military)
I am at a loss to explain the pics below...

plane hits tower flash 9/11

Wanna big gulp with that ?

The wings were spanning several stories. the would have been sheered off by the continuous concrete floor, so matter if you think the Pentagon was better built or not, the floors on the WTC had to be able to support a LOT of weight, and these wings would have been chopped into bits BEFORE entering the building.
The gas tanks, which are located on the wings, would have produced 2 explosions indepenant of each other.

video flight 175 hits tower  plane video sept 11
video 911 plane  september 11 twin towers video 911

sept 11 video twin towers flight 175  september 11 video towers

compare above wall damage to below.
plane explosion tower sept 11  plane hits tower video september 11  plane sept 11th twin tower video
plane hits tower video september 11  video 911 plane tail 911 video plane
above from camera planet,
 below framed out from a vid of mine (ABC?)
the wings/engines/fuselage seem to dissappear into the building

911 video plane      sept 11th tower video plane  911 twin tower video  911 twintower video plane 911 tower video plane 
The above pics seem indeed odd to me. I am not a big believer in holograms or scalar technology, but i am at a loss to explain this???

3 planes blow from the same video...
left engine seems to be off balance?


          from a different photo...        

from hereisnewyork.org

wtc jet 9/11


terror attacks new york  plane crash video 
    sept 11 missile tower

 9/11 wtc missile video september 11th

can anyone sayMISSILE ?

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This page shows stills from 2 videos. One shows the 2nd impact from a side view.
The wings should have sheared off since this plane came in at an angle, Tip to tip the wings would have spanned several floors and the continuous floor structure would have presented a great resistance to the wings staying intact with the fuselage. Since the gas tanks on a Boeing 767 are on the wings and about 90ft apart from each other, the main explosions should have stayed in the building and not exit the other side. The pics however shows a large explosion and fireball exiting the building.
There were also several large objects exiting the building, one in particular seemed to leave its own fire trail and exited with force. It may be possible it was an engine, but the close-ups indicate otherwise.

This page shows video stills of the 2nd plane hitting the tower. A very large object, which at first appears to be the nose of the plane, seems to begin its exit then explode. If the nose of the plane and front part of the fuselage made it through the tower without hitting any major support structures, elevator shafts, or going through the floors, then it simply should have exited the tower and fell to the ground. This object seems to have created its own explosion on exit of the building though.

this page also shows projectiles from the 2nd impact of the WTC.
Several of the objects were seen moving toward building 7 wtc.
wtc building 7

New video surfaces of flight 175 hitting the tower
closeup stills here...
misc + amateur photos from the towers on sept 11

Woolworth building as staging area for 9/11 WTC attacks

"The Woolworth Building! The Woolworth Building! They're shooting at the Trade Center from the Woolworth Building!" a police officer screams. ... "There's fucking explosions going off on Vesey street!" another officer yells. NY POST (08-29-03):
we just had a second explosion, possibly a missile from the roof of the Woolworth Building."


Boeing 767-222 as Melted Butter

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